Final Submission!

Wow! The end of an era. Friday is our final submission and I decided to finish everything today. So I came here to make a special post summing up all the projects we did in Subject. BASE-branco Brandworld: 

As it was possible to see on the last post, I created a logo and a symbol, and also some examples of how it would be used. The drawing in the photos bring the connection between human and horses. The illustrations have irregular lines on purpose: to remind the idea of movement, of dance. The photos are in black and white to highlight the illustrations and not compete with them. After the final crit, some changes were made: the symbol was eliminated, since there was no need of it. Also, the illustrations were improved, taking out the “noise” of too many lines and making it more fluid and interacting with the picture. In this way, I believe the final result was a sophisticated but captivating branding, showing visually the three main concepts of Engaging, Majestic and Energetic.
s34 Persuasion: With not many adjustments to make besides some spelling mistakes, you can check out the final video here:  Remembering the final solution:

  • Create a short video (no longer than one minute) to tell about the charity and ask for voluteers and donations, leading people to look the organisation website;
  • It would be shared on the internet and also could be displayed in the schools where the project is presented, to invite more children to participate;
  • With the video, there would be facebook campaigns to also invite people to look at the website and watch the video;
  • The idea is that, in the future, all the branding layouts would follow this drawing style, including the website, to unify the charity brand.
W-FlaviaMayerAmaral O-FlaviaMayerAmaral
Book Covers:
For the book “What A Carve Up!”, as I was indecisive between what idea to choose, I ended up mixing them: used the pawn and elements disposal of the first one with the lines of the second one. The cover is clean, working only with the red colour, to call the attention on a book shelf. The elements represent the book characters, all connected by this dotted line that represents the complicated book plot.

For the book “The Outsiders”, there were only some adjustments to make: I decided to put the title in a diagonal as the other elements; and I put the title on the side in red, because it was not so clear in blue.
A lot of work right? But I think I got really nice results in this year. If you want to see the complete results, take a look on this pdf > MayerAmaral-Portfolio
Sad that is already over! And soon I’ll be back to Brazil. But I want to come back. I’m going to miss this place.

Final Exhibition

After a week preparing everything, we finally could see the year results on the exhibition Friday and Saturday. It was really nice to see all the work together, and how much progress everyone did!

Besides that, I was short listed for a interview with Brand Union (this massive global branding agency that had works even in Brazil!), and the interview was Friday before the exhibition.

I was really excited about it, because it could be an opportunity for me to extend my exchange here (after all, I only have 3 months left!), but I didn’t get it. The students that got it deserved! I was told that my work does not really match the company’s, which is true, since my main focus is in illustration and typography, and not much branding. It was an amazing opportunity, and I was really happy only for being short-listed. Maybe in a next time, right?


Today the two-day event SpiderHeck finished, and I had a great experience!

In this event, there were four starting up business and we had to get in groups and help them to go further. My team was responsible for the EventRater, a website/app that gives the opportunity to people evaluate events and give the feedback to the managers and venues.

The app was still in the beginning of development, so we helped to make it more user friendly and think about different ways to attract the attendees to give their feedback.

We didn’t won the prize, but it was a great experience to realize how hard is to start a business, and how many things you have to think of. Great!

Stills – CV

Today we had a lecture from the branding agency Stills about CVs.

It was really nice to see how they select CVs, and find out that actually you only have 6 seconds to impress someone enough to choose your CV in the first selection. Hard huh?

But what I was really glad about was that Kyle Darlington, the Stills Business Development Manager, remembered my brand from the portfolio review I did with them in the end of second term. That means that my brand works, I guess, it calls the attention and stays in people’s minds.

Besides all, the workshop was really useful!

Digital ME

These two last weeks have been really busy and unfortunately I didn’t have time to post about our last project in Subject: Digital ME. So I’ll condense everything in this big post.

Digital Me was all about who we are as designers and how we communicate ourselves to the world digitally. After the briefing section, we had a workshop to see the different ways we can put our portfolio online: from behance to flickr, what are the tools, how much it costs, how it will be displayed, everything. And there are a lot of options.

On thursday, we talked about how we can optimize photos to put in our portfolio, how we can create interactive pdfs and a little about how to behave in interviews and make yourself unique.

Then, we had a really nice lecture with Fran O’Hara, about being unique, finding out what we’re interested and what are our goals for the future. Made me think a lot about how I’m going to achieve my professional dreams, and made me more confident about it. It was a journey of self-awareness. I took some photos, but unfortunately I lost my phone and everything was in it 😦

Meanwhile, I was working on my CV, Online presence and a interactive pdf of my portfolio. A lot of work! I was trying to do something unique that would show my interests, mainly in typography and illustration. After some struggling, I came up with this final piece which I’m really proud of:

2014-05-06_CVBesides that, I updated my behance as online presence, and also created a interactive pdf that you can download here too > FlaviaMayer_PORTFOLIO

After the last tutorial, there are some adjustments to make: some corrections in the text and some layout details. But the overall is really good, and I’m really happy with it.

Fields – Reflective Journal and last results

After working this week on my Reflective Journal, I decided to make a last post to show how was the Beyond Fiction final work and some printed results from my placement at Bobalong:

editada-2750 editada-2752 editada-2757 editada-2760 editada-2771 editada-2775 editada-2776 editada-2778 editada-2781 editada-2783 editada-2784 editada-2787

You can check my reflective journal here: mayeramaral_flavia_st20048275_graphiccommunication

And here is a little conclusion about everything I experienced in Fields:

The second term was really interesting and important for my life as a student, as a designer, as a professional and as a person. I had learned so much, with many different and rewarding experiences that I will sure remember in the future.

Going back quickly into both projects, it is possible to perceive how they complete each other in terms of experience and knowledge acquired.

First, in Beyond Fiction, I had to work a lot with my imagination, figuring out a way to create and tell a story with random objects. The journey was hard working but enjoyable, where I learned especially to listen the others, look for new inspirations and also be more confident about my ideas and invest in them when I believe it is right.

Then, in Real World, I had to come back to reality and think about my attitudes professionally, at work, with clients, suppliers and co-workers. I could find out what path I want to take in the future as a designer, which areas I am more passionate about. The experiences I had, the tasks I was asked to do taught me more about design, relation with people and the profession.

In this way, these experiences, together, could help me develop a complete package of skills and knowledge, working on both creative and business sides. It was not only useful, but also gratifying to participate on these two projects, and they made me feel more certain of what I want and what I will dedicate myself in the future.

The only thing I wish was different was the time length, which, for me, was too short. I enjoyed so much both experiences that I wished I could have more time to dedicate myself into them – in this way I believe that I would have learned even more than I did.

Nevertheless, I feel that my choices of projects were certainly successful, satisfying, and made the second term one of my best experiences in this exchange year.

Last week of work :(

Last friday was my last day of work. So sad!

But I have to tell it was a great experience, I’ve learned a lot and I’m very thankful to Malin for letting me work with her.

Here is a little bit of what I did in this last week:


One student is finishing her degree and she needed business cards to start her career. So I did some options for her.


Also, I’ve worked in a new folder for the Cardiff Steiner School, creating two options. The idea was to be something simple but engaging and interesting for parents to look.

This folder, together with the invitations, will still be printed so when I get the chance and have them printed with me I’ll take some pictures and post on the blog!

For now, I had to create a small presentation about my experience in real world, that you can see here > flaviamayer_presentationrealworld

I believe this was one of my best academic experiences so far on the exchange, where I had the opportunity to see how things go in the real world in areas that I really enjoy and want to work in the future. Working at Bobalong inspired me to continue investing on a design career and start thinking about my own business. Overall, an amazing month!